The Internet – Evolution

The internet is basically a connection between networks of computers. Each network connects computers, printers, peripherals and other equipment with one another, through what most refer to as a router, however, a switch is actually the correct term. Those can then be connected to other networks with a router and a modem generally.

network-782707In order to gain access to other sites, it was necessary to create searching mechanisms, two of which were:

These have outdated, and more modern approaches are the popular web based indexes like:

  • Yahooyahoo-76684
  • Googlegoogle-76517

What makes the search engines unique are not only their ability to search and find information, but their ability to:

  • Catalogue
  • Qualitative listing

Websites were originally published using numerical addresses, like, however, as time went by scientists realized that this wasn’t any good, since it lacked:

  • A way to remember
  • A meaningful connection with the site

Domain names were eventually created, which were basically devided into two parts:

  • The prefix – like “cars”
  • The suffix – like “.com”, “”, etc.,

The web has and is constantly evolving. I hope to write more in the coming weeks.

Tomas Berdych no irá a Río 2016 por miedo al Zika — ALL ACCESS

El tenista checo Tomas Berdych declaró que no participara en los Juegos Olímpicos de Río 2016 porque le teme al virus Zika que abunda en el país de Brasil. Berdych está en el puesto número 8 del ranking de la ATP. El tenista expresó su temor a través de un mensaje en su cuenta oficial […]

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Six cities have submitted bids to hold Eurovision 2017! —

The National Television Company of Ukraine (NTU) has now named the 6 cities which hope to host Eurovision in 2017. Each city now has the chance to present their bids to the Organisational Committee of the 2017 contest in a televised special called City Battle. Two cities will be chosen from these six, and these […]

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AGT- Dangerous Tightrope Show

This has got to be one the most dangerous stunts I’ve ever seen, and probably a lot of people like me. This is the second time this couple has been on America’s Got Talent, performing their insane acts of tight-roping. This time the wife did it blindfolded. If you can bear to watch this then I highly recommend it. Here is the original video from America’s Got Talent:

She actually almost slipped, and it seems as though he might of as well. I hope you enjoy these, I will be putting up more in the future. Please let me know what you think in the comment section below. Your feedback is important to us.

The couples names are Guerrero.

leshia evans confronting the devil without fear in baton rogue — mark jacobs lives!

woke up to this picture and thought someone was fucking with me the net being what it is, i assumed it to be a fake she looked too mother fucking calm but that’s when the black woman is most dangerous when she goes calm

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Nintendo reports $49M loss as Pokémon Go halo fails to shine

Nintendo It’s finally here folks, Nintendo’s quarterly earnings day has never been so anticipated. But the Pokémon phenomenon hasn’t translated into success for the games giant, which carded a $49 million loss (5.13 billion yen) for Q1 2016. Revenue came in at $587 million (62 billion yen), 30 percent lower than Q1 2105. Read More

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Carmaker PSA Group acquires majority stake in European auto-repair marketplace Autobutler

Autobutler PSA Group — the carmaker behind brands Peugeot, Citroën and DS — has acquired a majority stake in European auto-repair marketplace Autobutler. Read More

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Xiaomi’s first laptop is a Macbook Air rival that’s as cheap as $540

Mi Notebook Air_02 Chinese smartphone and smart device maker Xiaomi just announced its first laptop — and boy does it look familiar to products belonging to a company that begins with the letter ‘A’. Read More

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Pokémon Go Plus wearable launch date pushed back to September

go plus With Pokémon Go, delays are inevitable it seems. The game’s much-hyped launch in Japan was subject to cancelations last week, many people across Asia still don’t have the title — including China — and now it seems that the even Pokémon Plus, a wearable that accompanies the smash hit game, has had its arrival date pushed back. Read More

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Zeek, a startup that lets you buy and sell unwanted gift vouchers, closes $9.5M Series B

Zeek Israeli startup Zeek, whose app lets you buy and sell unwanted store gift vouchers, has closed $9.5 million in Series B funding. The round was led by Scale-Up Venture Capital, with participation from long list of additional investors, some of which contributed to the company’s Series A early last year. They include Blumberg Capital, Qualcomm Incorporated (via its venture investment… Read More

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Confirmed: Hailo sells 60% of company to Daimler as it merges with MyTaxi

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 10.00.04 Some more movement and consolidation is afoot in the on-demand transportation industry, specifically in Europe. Today, Hailo is announcing that it has sold 60% of its company to Mercedes-Benz owner Daimler, and Hailo will merge its and rebrand its operations under MyTaxi, another on-demand ride-sharing company that was acquired by Daimler subsidiary Moovel in 2014 as part of a larger move… Read More

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Amazon Prime launches in India, initially without Prime Video service

Screenshot 2016-07-26 13.54.36 Today seems to be a day of e-commerce inevitabilities in India. Alongside news of Rocket Internet-backed Jabong’s sale comes the launch of Amazon Prime in the country. Read More

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Rocket Internet’s Jabong sold to Flipkart-owned rival Myntra for $70M

Screenshot 2016-07-26 13.43.33 Finally, Rocket Internet has managed to sell Jabong, its fashion e-commerce site in India, after more than a year of speculation. Myntra, the fashion portal which itself is owned by Flipkart, has stepped up and acquired the company in a deal announced today. Read More

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N26 launches its investment product in Germany

shutterstock money u.s. currency A few days after announcing its banking license, N26 (formerly known as Number26) is partnering with fellow German fintech startup vaamo to add a new service to its banking offering with its first investment product for German customers. vaamo manages different portfolios of risky and not-so-risky assets thanks to robo-advisors so that you don’t have to micro-manage these portfolios. Read More

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A Florida judge has ruled that Bitcoin isn’t money

bitcointug Ever since it moved into the mainstream Bitcoin has had a bit of an identity crisis. Mainly because no one is really sure whether it should be considered money or property. The IRS says it’s property for tax purposes, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission says it’s a commodity, and most Bitcoin advocates like to say it’s the world’s most advanced currency.… Read More

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